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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Use Hot Legs USA Tights to Get a Leg Up on Cosplay and Costumes!

Tights, Leg Warmers, Fishnets, and Costume Pantyhose from Hot Legs USA Make for Cosplay Fun

From superheroes in the city to the castles of Westeros to a galaxy far, far away, cosplay is one of the best ways to express your inner fan and look fantastic. Making a complete costume can be a painstaking process, so let Hot Legs USA help you finish your masterpiece. You don’t want tights giving out on you at a convention or ill-fitting pantyhose making you uncomfortable during a photoshoot. Look good, feel good, and bring your favorite character to life with Hot Legs USA cosplay guides!

Looking to get tights or pantyhose quickly to get your costume assembled? Check out our Costume Hosiery.

Quick and Easy Costumes from Hot Legs USA

Jump to some of our quick costume solutions with the ideas below:
Vanellope (Wreck-it Ralph) Harley Quinn (DC Comics) Elsa (Disney's Frozen)
Alice (Alice in Wonderland) Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)
Supergirl (DC Comics) Captain America (Marvel) Poison Ivy (DC Comics)
Black Widow (Marvel) Mermaid Ninja
Rey (Star Wars) Cookie Lyon (Empire) Scarlet Witch (Marvel)
Hatsune Mikune Playboy Bunny Tinker Bell
Sandra Dee (Grease) Mad Max: Fury Road Five Wives Loofah
Dr. Frank N. Furter (Rocky Horror) Vampire Little Red Riding Hood
Serena (Pokemon) Honey Bee Unicorn
Princess Leia (Star Wars) Greek Goddess Joy (Inside Out)
Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones) Peacock Lucha Libre
Robin (DC Comics) Pirate Captain Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon)
Jellyfish Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Elle Driver, Evil Nurse (Kill Bill)
The Birdcage Clothilde, the French Maid (The Grand Budapest Hotel) Barbie
Flapper Minion  Angel
Incredible Hulk  Queen of Hearts Peter Pan
Witch   Medusa

Or browse our easy, last minute cosplay ideas for men and women from Hot Legs USA:

Vanellope Pantyhose Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Vanellope CosplayNylon Stockings with Stripes - Vanellope - Find a green hoodie and brown skirt and you’re more than halfway done with this ready to go cosplay from Wreck-it Ralph. Vanellope von Schweetz’s tights evoke a candy-cane appearance to match the rest of her sugary ensemble. Decorate Leg Avenue Kelly Green Opaque Nylon Tights with stripes or get Nylon Stockings with Stripes in green and white. Both are colorful and comfortable, perfect for showing off your legs. Throw your hair in a ponytail and grab some candy to complete the look.

View full Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay Costume Guide.

Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Alice Girl CostumeAlice Girl Costume - Alice - Fall down the rabbit hole in style with this flirtatious take on Alice in Wonderland. You get the dress, the headband, and printed stockings with a card motif. Add a cute petticoat to bring more volume to your skirt. Have your boyfriend be the Mad Hatter for a cute couples cosplay perfect for Halloween, a fan convention, or Wonderland.

View full Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Costume Guide.

Supergirl Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Dolfin ShortsDolfin Shorts - Supergirl - These shorts will feel like a cape as you fly around a convention or Halloween party as your favorite Kryptonian superhero. Perfect for a last minute costume, draw a red S on a white t-shirt (or buy one premade). Now pair it with blue Dolfin shorts and red tights to instantly transform into Supergirl! And you didn’t even need to find a phone booth.

View full Supergirl Cosplay Costume Guide.

Black Widow Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Leg Avenue Sheer Support HoseLeg Avenue Sheer Support Hose - Black Widow from Marvel's Avengers - Save the world and look awesome while you do. If slipping into a skintight cat suit seems a little daunting, try some black control top pantyhose to keep everything in place. Top it all with a red wig and fake gun so no one will mess with you.

View full Black Widow Cosplay Costume Guide.

Hatsune Miku Tights & Pantyhose

Leg Avenue Over the Knee Thigh HighLeg Avenue Over the Knee Thigh High - Hatsune Miku - Hatsune Miku is a Japanese vocaloid performer recognizable around the world. To play the part yourself, you’ll need her signature thigh highs black boots and turquoise pigtails. One of those is easier to replicate than the other. Leg Avenue – Over the Knee Thigh High in black is perfect for showing off your legs when you step out as your favorite Japanese idol singer. Leg Avenue Leg Warmers are also a snap to put on to make boots appear taller.

View full Hatsune Miku Cosplay Costume Guide.

Pink Ladies Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Rydell High CheerleaderRydell High Cheerleader Costume – Sandy - Look at me, you’re Sandra Dee from Grease! All the Pink Ladies will be jealous when they see you bring some Rydell High spirit in this Cheerleader outfit. If the weather is cool, grab some thigh highs or tights for added warmth and coverage. For a couples cosplay, just have your Danny Zuko grab a leather jacket and enjoy those summer nights.

View full Sandy and Pink Ladies group Cosplay Costume Guide.

Dr. Frank N. Furter Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Leg Avenue Fishnet Crotchless Pantyhose For MenLeg Avenue Fishnet Crotchless Pantyhose for Men – Dr. Frank N. Furter - Men can get in on the cosplay action too! It should go without saying you need some charisma to pull off this Rocky Horror Picture Show cult classic costume. Add a Leg Avenue Lace Bustier and your mother’s pearls to bring Dr. Frank N. Furter (and Rocky!) to life. Leg Avenue’s Fishnet Crotchless Pantyhose for men are a comfortable way to do the time warp.

View full Dr. Frank N. Furter Cosplay Costume Guide.

Serena Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Black tank topBecoming a Pokémon trainer is easy at Hot Legs USA! A pair of over the knee thigh highs paired with a red skirt and black tank top are all you need to get this costume ready. To be the most stylish trainer in the Kalos region, follow this simple guide to match Serena’s outfit.

View full Serena Pokemon trainer Cosplay Costume Guide.

Princess Leia Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Have you dreamed of a life in a galaxy far, far away? Use the Force and follow this easy tutorial to become Princess Leia when she’s captured by Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. This sexy cosplay is perfect for conventions and can easily be coupled with a rogue Han Solo.

View full Princess Leia slave outfit Cosplay Costume Guide.

Cersei Lannister Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Red Cuban heel pantyhose with backseamRule the Seven Kingdoms and look fabulous as you do. Become a proud Lannister lion with this Queen Cersei cosplay. Sultry Cuban heel stockings in Lannister red are just what you need under your gown to add power to your every step.

View full Cersei Lannister Cosplay Costume Guide.

Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

How is an exiled Queen to reclaim her throne and all of Westeros if she doesn't have the proper garments? Be ready to march into battle and look good doing it with basics from Hot Legs USA.Daenerys Fashion Tights in black and silver

View full Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay Costume Guide.

Robin Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Be the perfect sidekick this Halloween. A classic Robin costume requires an off-white or green pantyhose, a dark green T-shirt and tight shorts, a red vest with horizontal clasps down the center, a yellow “R” in a black circle over the left chest, and a brown belt with bullet casings. Oh, he also rocked a yellow cape with a collar, green gloves and boots and, of course, the classic Lone Ranger style eye mask.

View full Robin Cosplay Costume Guide.

Joy Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Thigh HighsAre you ready to be happy, literally? Follow this simple guide to complete your Joy cosplay, based on the character from Disney-Pixar’s latest movie Inside Out! Joy has yellow skin, so yellow tights will show off your legs and save you money on body paint. This costume works great as part of a group or for parents with children who are fans of the movie.

View full Joy Cosplay Costume Guide.

Harley Quinn Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

Harley Quinn is one of the most loved villains in all the DC Universe. A DIY Harley Quinn costume isn’t often seen on the streets, but that may change soon, since DC Movies is soon releasing Suicide Squad, in which Harley Quinn is finally brought to life on the big screen. Make your DIY Harley Quinn costume before everyone else!

View full Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume Guide.

The Birdcage Costume Group

Men's costume pantyhoseThis comedy movie is full of quotable lines and amazing costume opportunities. With drag queens and kings, this movie is the perfect inspiration for a group costume this Halloween. Use the simple guide for a DIY drag outfit anyone can pull off.

View full The Birdcage Costume Cosplay Guide.

Lucha Libre Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Are you ready to wrestle? Step into the ring with brightly colored tights this Halloween.

View full Lucha Libre Costume Cosplay Guide.

Wednesday Addams Tights & Pantyhose

Leg Avenue black tightsPutting this costume together is a snap. Anyone hoping for a simple, DIY costume with minimal effort will love this creepy yet adorable character.

View full Wednesday Addams Costume Cosplay Guide.

Incredible Hulk Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Don't get angry with expensive costumes. Try a DIY Hulk costume on for size this Halloween. Be mean, be green, be fun!

View full Incredible Hulk Costume Cosplay Guide.

Poison Ivy Cosplay Tights & Pantyhose

White fishnet tightsTake on Gotham this Halloween as this villainous vixen. Make sure you have plenty of plants at your side when you go out as Poison Ivy.

View full Poison Ivy Costume Cosplay Guide.

Captain America DIY Costume

The most patriotic American in America's history is Captain America. Show your national pride by donning red, white and blue. Wearing a DIY Captain America costume simply takes a Captain America t-shirt, a mask, blue nylon tights and the shield. Grab some red shoes or boots to look truly heroic.

View the full Captain America costume guide now!.

Ninja Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Be sleek, dark & sexy this Halloween with a DIY ninja costume. Go as a group or work alone surprising friends at Halloween celebrations all night long.

View the full Ninja Halloween costume guide.

Elsa Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Lurex Fashion TightsRise like the break of dawn this Halloween when you become Elsa, the Queen from Disney's Frozen. The costume for this beautiful and powerful queen can have a little extra magic with Elsa Costume Tights from Hot Legs USA. Don't let the cold bother you this Halloween and look gorgeous at the same time.

View the full Queen Elsa Costume Guide.

Mermaid Costume Tights & Accessories

Beautiful and mysterious, mermaids have been captivating humans since the dawn of time. Bring the legend to life this Halloween season with a shimmery, attention grabbing mermaid cosplay! Make your mermaid glide effortlessly through the party by utilizing our selection of fishnet tights and sheer pantyhose.

View the complete mermaid Halloween costume guide.

Peacock Costume Tights & Accessories

Leg Avenue Nude Opaque Nylon TightsBe the center of attention during this year's dress-up season with beautiful tights, gilded and colorful details, and lots of coy charm.

View the full Peacock Halloween costume guide.

Tinker Bell Costume Tights & Accessories

Sprinkle some fairy dust over your friends this Halloween by invoking everyone's favorite fairy. Find a friend to go as Peter Pan for an awesome couple's costume!

View the full Tinker Bell Halloween costume guide.

Playboy Bunny Costume Tights & Accessories

Dress up the the iconic Playboy Bunny as you hop from party to party! Gather a group of friends and knock the socks off fellow revelers.

View the full Playboy Bunny Halloween costume guide.

Loofah Costume Tights & Accessories

Surprise everyone with this hilarious and different costume. Pair up with a buddy dress like a bar of soap for a unique couple's costume. Or go in a group in an array of colors. Funny, cute and comfy, this costume may win you a prize!

View the full Loofah Halloween costume guide.

Clothilde, the French Maid Costume Tights & Accessories

Opaque Thigh High StockingsWhether your role is one of espionage, collaborateur, or simply to dust the knick-knacks, do it in style with Hot Legs USA French Maid stockings and our How-To Guide.

View the full French Maid costume guide.

Elle Driver, Evil Nurse Costume Tights & Accessories

You've been practicing your eerie whistle and painting your heart and soul black. Maybe you already have your eyepatch after you defied your kung fu master in the past. The hippocratic oath means nothing to you as you approach your doomed patient in your silent, sensible shoes. Make sure you have the right stockings to pair with them!

View the full Elle Driver Nurse costume guide.


Mad Max: Fury Road, the Five Wives Costume Tights & Accessories

Apocalyptic survival requires a lot more than food and water. Prepare yourself for fleeing terror-inducing warlords and enduring harsh desert conditions with our Mad Max costume guide.

View the full Mad Max Five Wives costume guide.

Little Red Riding Hood Cosplay Tights

Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood went over the river and through the woods to her grandmother’s house. She stopped into a Halloween party along the way, where everyone told her how great she looked in her white tights and red cloak—essential pieces for this classic costume. Grab your white costume tights today as a part of your Little Red Riding Hood DIY Halloween costume.

View the full Little Red Riding Hood costume guide.

Vampire Costume TightsRainbow Thigh Highs

As night falls on All Hallow's Eve, it's your time to rise and shine. Don't be caught unprepared by silver, garlic or without the proper attire.

View the full Vampire costume guide.

Unicorn Costume Tights

Bring and air of mystery with you to the party this year in this beautiful and creative Unicorn costume. 

View the full Unicorn costume guide.

Honey Bee Costume Tights

Striped Costume TightsPollinate the party with your cute and charming costume. This guide will show you exactly how to BEE yourself.

View the full Honey Bee costume guide.

Greek Goddess Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Grace the mortals with your presence this Autumn. As a deity, you are sure to have the best seat in the house, preferably a throne.

View the full Greek Goddess costume guide.

Jellyfish Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Undulate peacefully throught the crowds this Halloween with this fantastic and fun DIY jellyfish costume.

View the full Jellyfish costume guide.

Pirate Captain Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Take over the high seas this Halloween with one of two Pirate Captain costumes from Hot Legs USA. Prepare to pilfer and plunder in these fun and flirty outfits. Add a fancy pirate hat and fishnet pantyhose and you'll be the treasure all will seek.

View the full Pirate Captain costume guide.

Princess Serenity Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Fight evil while looking beautiful when you transform into Princess Serenity, the more powerful identity of Sailor Moon. Wearing all white, you can look like this fututisitc princess at any Halloween party or cosplay convention. Gather the rest of your friends to have an entire team of Sailor Scouts defending in the name of the Moon.

View the full Princess Serenity costume guide.

Dorothy Gale Costume Tights and Pantyhose

Find where dreams come true as you pass over the rainbow in a fun and colorful Dorothy costume. Using the DIY guide from Hot Legs USA, you can gather your ruby slippers and head down the Yellow Brick Road for a fun Halloween. Just watch out for witches who might want to steal your precious shoes!

View the full Dorothy costume guide.

Barbie Costume Tights & PantyhoseHot Pink Tights

Dress up like the doll you are this Halloween or for a cosplay photoshoot. This costume allows you to “Be Anything and Do Everything” at your next party. Play it straight as the classic archetype, or have fun with your own humorous twist. One of the funniest we’ve seen is “Middle-Aged Barbie”, complete with sensible shoes and a dry martini.

View the full Barbie costume guide.

Flapper Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Show you know how to look classy while having fun with the Flapper costume tights. Perfect for partying like it’s the roaring ‘20s at your local speakeasy.

View the full Flapper costume guide.

Minion Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Become the most adorable little criminal the world has ever seen this Halloween. Opaque yellow costume tights and a maniacal laugh are essential accessories, let our instructions help you do the rest!

View the full Minion costume guide

Angel Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Heaven can miss an angel for one night. Bring divinity to earth as you dance and party the night away in this fantastic outfit. You'll be a true believer when you see your legs in these miraculous thigh-highs or angelic pure white tights.

View the full Angel costume guide.

Queen of Hearts Costume Tights & Thigh Highs

white thigh highs with heart detailsAdmit it, even though you would never really dream of hurting anyone, it's exceedingly fun to yell, "Off with their heads!" Look wonderful as you stamp your feet, gesticulate wildly, and hold your subjects accountable for painting your roses red.

View the full Queen of Hearts costume guide.

Scarlet Witch Costime Tights & Pantyhose

As Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff is one of the most powerful Avengers. Get her look from Age of Ultron at an affordable price with the help of Hot Legs USA costume tutorials. This outfit is easy to replicate and easy on your budget. Don’t forget to grab your brother Quicksilver before heading out this Halloween.

View the full Scarlet Witch costume guide.

Cookie Lyon Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Cookie Leopard Print TightsWant to be stylish this Halloween? Look no further than Cookie Lyon, the always fashionable Empire character. With a pair of Cookie Costume Tights, you can match her leopard print pattern and be best dressed at any Halloween party you attend. This outfit is perfect for Empire premiere parties as well or board room meetings.

View the full Cookie Lyon costume guide.

Rey (Star Wars) Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Return to a galaxy far, far away this Halloween as Rey, one of the new protagonists of the Star Wars Saga. With Rey Costume Pantyhose and a white tunic top, you’re well on your way to a DIY costume you can wear to the premiere of The Force Awakens this December. Make sure to bring along a BB-8 for a cute droid companion.

View the full Rey (Star Wars) costume guide.

Peter Pan Costume Tights & Pantyhose

If you still enjoy trick-or-treating and don't want to grow up, try a Peter Pan costume this Halloween! Perfect for men and women, this costume can be made into a couple's costume with Tinker Bell or can allow you to face off against pirates. Just be careful trying to fly!

View the full Peter Pan costume guide.

Witch Costume Tights & Pantyhose

The classic witch costume can be as creepy or as sexy as you want it to be. Raising your hemline and donning a pair of stockings from Hotlegs USA is a great way to put some sorely needed glam into witch couture. Check out our DIY tips on putting together a totally bewitching costume.

View the full Witch costume guide.

Medusa Costume Tights & Pantyhose

Literally stun everyone who crosses your path this Halloween. Learn how to achieve piercing eyes and serpentine hair with our heart-stopping look. Keep reading for the full costume guide.

View the full Medusa costume guide.

Hot Legs USA has a wide variety of affordable clothing pieces perfect for a fan ensemble. Fishnets and sheen nylons complete the superhero look while control panel pantyhose make a bodysuit look smooth. Use bold colored foot warmers and tights to make a cartoon 3-dimensional.

Order your cosplay tights and costume pantyhose today!
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