Little Red Riding Hood Costume Tights

Sunday, October 4, 2015

1. Shoes

Pretty much any shoes will do for your Little Red Riding Hood costume, though you may want them to match the rest of your red ensemble. Red heels will do as will red tennis shoes for a sportier look. For a plain, durable shoe, get a pair pair of red Tom’s slip-ons.

Red Riding Hood Costume Shoes

2. Legs - Little Red Riding Hood Costume TightsThe legs, costume tights white as the driven snow, are in perfect contrast to Red’s foreboding cloak. That’s all, concerning the legs. Like we said, this costume may be one of the easiest DIY Halloween costumes in cosplay history. Slip them on. Slip them off. You can’t lose.

3. Torso - Aye Aye Admiral CostumeThere are multiple media-portrayed versions of Red Riding Hood, with each incarnation wearing something different under her cloak. To keep it easy, and avoid having to hunt down more articles than you have to, try repurposing our Aye Aye Admiral pirate costume. You’ll love this quick fix.

4. Head & Outerwear - Red had to go over the river and through the woods. That would be a daunting task to face alone.

Luckily, in every version of the story, she wears a hooded red cloak. It keeps her warm, and, well, it just plain looks great in combination with this incredibly easy DIY Halloween costume, brought to you by Hot Legs U.S.A.

Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume Tights

Whether you're going Into the Woods or grandmother's house, creating your own Red Riding Hood costume requires only two distinct pieces of clothing: the red cloak and white tights. Other than those two pieces, this may be the easiest DIY Halloween costume in the history of cosplay.

And, let’s not forget, there’s a big, strong lumberjack who shows up just in the nick of time to save Red from the Big Bad Wolf.

For more costume ideas or to browse everyday and costume basics, check out Hot Legs USA.
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