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From trend setting to functional, pantyhose are transitioning into the man’s wardrobe. Providing similar benefits to compression tights, they perfectly create the extra layer you need while not being bulky. The transition into the man’s wardrobe calls for new names also, like mantyhose, guylons, and brosiery.

Men around the globe are turning to mantyhose. Our tight, ultra-thin nylons give men the extra layer they need without adding too much bulk from material. Our nylons are perfect for active men. From scuba diving and horseback riding to tick protection while hunting, mantyhose are the ultimate solution. Scuba divers tend to like a layer of clothing between their skin and wetsuit, but other options are too bulky, causing improper fitment of the wetsuit. Mantyhoses have become the go to option – not only are they becoming a facet in the functional world, they also provide medical benefits.

Compression Nylons

Compression created from these men’s mantyhose can be utilized for numerous different reasons. The tight fit creates better blood flow in your legs. Reduce leg fatigue on the football field or reduce varicose veins with the help of guylons, available online from Hot Legs USA.

Our mantyhose selection has many options available, from full length which helps create a slimmer physique to footless tights.

View our mantyhose for men selection to buy legwear which perfectly answers your lifestyle needs.

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