Pantyhose Color Chart

Hot Legs USA offers a pantyhose and stocking color guide designed to help you find the perfect color of tights for any outfit. Feel free to browse the page, or click a jump link to head straight to your preferred brand.

Tamara Premium Quality Pantyhose

Tamara premium quality pantyhose are known for their softness, comfort and durability. Hot Legs USA is happy to offer Tamara pantyhose in assorted colors from traditional pantyhose to fun hues. These premium quality pantyhose provide light support and all day comfort.

Black Pantyhose

pantyhose color black

Black pantyhose are perfect to wear to a nice dinner out and complement any color! Whether you’re stepping out in a daring red dress or a sleek little black dress, black pantyhose go with anything.


Off Black Pantyhose

off black color for pantyhose

Off-black pantyhose offer a subtle contrast to the opaque black pantyhose. This shade still provides opaque coverage, but it’s slightly lighter than black. Off-black still complements nearly any shade of dress or shoes, from a classic navy dress to fun and flirty red heels, these off black pantyhose will turn heads.


Suntan Pantyhose

suntan color for pantyhose
Give your legs a tanned look year round with high quality suntan colored pantyhose! These suntan pantyhose provide sheer coverage while covering up any imperfections on your legs. These are perfect for work or play, the neutral color pairs well with any style and color of clothing in your wardrobe!


Mocha Pantyhose

mocha color for pantyhose
Mocha pantyhose are perfect if your skin color is a darker tone. These provide sheer coverage and a smooth flawless finish. Mocha colored pantyhose look great for any occasion and would be a perfect complement to a deep purple dress!


Coffee Pantyhose

coffee color for pantyhose
Coffee pantyhose are perfect if your skin color is a darker tone. These provide sheer coverage and a smooth flawless finish. Coffee colored pantyhose look great for any occasion and would be a perfect complement to a deep purple dress!


Navy Pantyhose

navy color for pantyhose
Mix things up and add a pop of color to your outfit with Tamara navy pantyhose! Navy colored pantyhose are a great way to bring color to a black dress or to draw eyes to you during a fun night out.


White Pantyhose

pantyhose color white
White pantyhose provide great coverage and support while giving you an innocent, Alice in Wonderland vibe. Paired with pastel colors or for a stark contrast with a black dress, all eyes will be on you with these quality white tights.


Hot Legs Pantyhose Colors

Sheer coverage and light support make these stockings perfect for hardworking professionals and for job interviews. Available in a variety of skin tones, find which color best matches your needs for flawless coverage.

White Pantyhose

color white for stockings
Keep your legs warm and covered with these sleek white pantyhose. They keep your legs looking smooth and lean while highlighting ivory colored skin tones.


Theatrical Pink Pantyhose

pantyhose theatrical pink color swatch
Theatrical pink pantyhose provide smooth, flawless coverage while adding a light pink tint to your legs. These pantyhose are durable, stretchy and comfortable for all-day wear.


Light Suntan Pantyhose

stockings color light suntan
If you’re naturally tan or want to have a lightly tanned look, these light suntan pantyhose provide a slight tint, giving the appearance of perfectly tan, smooth legs. This neutral color is perfect for the office or paired with a flirty dress for a classic, date night look.


Suntan Pantyhose

suntan color for pantyhose
For who have or want to have olive skin tones, these suntan colored pantyhose give the appearance of tanned, toned legs. Perfect for a Hooters girl Halloween costume or for a night on the town, these durable, comfortable pantyhose will make your legs look their best.


Skintone Pantyhose

stockings skintone color swatch
These provide light, sheer coverage and pair well with a wide variety of colors and styles thanks to their neutral color. These tights will keep your legs comfortable year round.


Toast Pantyhose

toast color swatch for stockings
The darker tone of our toast colored pantyhose is great for those with a naturally dark complexion. Get flawless legs under your favorite skirt with these run-resistant pantyhose.


Coffee Pantyhose

coffee color for pantyhose
Our coffee pantyhose are great for dark skin tones! They provide even coverage and pair well with nearly any color. From pastel purple dresses to blues, these pantyhose will turn heads.


Peavey Premium Quality Pantyhose

Peavey premium quality pantyhose show off your legs, bringing out their natural beauty. Peavey has been the industry standard when it comes to durable pantyhose, with everyone from cocktail waitresses to professional cheerleaders relying on them for all day comfort.

Light Beige

pantyhose light beige color swatch

Light beige pantyhose provide perfect coverage for nearly any light skin tone. They offer a sheer, flawless finish and will complement any outfit!



suntan colored pantyhose
Peavey classic suntan pantyhose give your legs a perfect, smooth tan year round, without the harmful effects of a tanning bed! Perfect for day and night wear, make your legs look their best with these suntan pantyhose.



pantyhose pecan color swatch
If you’re naturally tan and want sheer, silky coverage, our pecan pantyhose are the perfect solution. With light support and incredible durability, these pecan tights will bring out the natural beauty of your legs.



cal-sun color for tights

Olive and darker skin tones will love the smooth coverage our cal-sun pantyhose provide. Durable, super soft and featuring reinforced stitching, these tights complement your outfit day or night!



coffee colored pantyhose swatch
This neutral coffee color is great for women with naturally darker skin. It provides sheer, nude coverage while providing light support. Your legs will look and feel their best whether at work or out on the town!



color black swatch for pantyhose
Black pantyhose go great with anything! The opaque coverage gives you light support and all day comfort while showing off your toned legs.


Peavey High Gloss Tights

Peavey high gloss tights give extra shine and ensure all eyes are on your legs! Our signature high gloss tights are super soft and comfortable, providing sheer coverage with an extra touch of sheen, complementing your outfit.


color black for pantyhose

Classic black pantyhose are always in style. The high gloss option adds extra sparkle, boosting your confidence and drawing attention to your legs!


Coffee Bean

coffee bean color for tights
Coffee bean tights provide high gloss shine and sheer coverage for women with darker skin tones. Add an extra touch of elegance to a cocktail dress with these flawless coffee bean tinted pantyhose.


toast color for tights
Peavey high gloss tights in toast are the perfect solution for naturally olive toned women looking for high gloss shine. The extra sheen and even coverage ensure your legs look great!



suntan color swatch for tights
Fake a perfect tan and bring out your best legs with our suntan tinted pantyhose! Worn by NFL cheerleaders and the world-famous Hooters girls, these suntan tights make your legs look lean and tan year round.


Light Suntan

light suntan color for pantyhose
Peavey light suntan high gloss tights are the answer for adding subtle color with a slightly tan appearance. These tights add a hint of color and attention-grabbing shine.



skintone color for pantyhose and tights
High gloss fashion tights in skintone are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Great for women with light-beige skin tones, these tights can be worn day or night, drawing attention to you.


Theatrical Pink

pantyhose theatrical pink color swatch
Made famous by ballerinas and acrobats, theatrical pink high gloss tights add shine and complement nearly any dress color! The subtle pink adds a charming hint of color. We’re sure all eyes will be on you!



color white for pantyhose
Perfect for wear with pastel dresses, or to provide striking contrast with deeper colors, high gloss white tights make an excellent accent for your outfit. Enjoy light support, even coverage and all eyes on you with these eye-catching white tights.


No matter which color of pantyhose you need, find the best selection and highest quality pantyhose and tights for sale online from Hot Legs USA.


Decoy Sportswear Tank Tops


tank top color black

Black tank tops are ideal showing off your sexy toned arms, whether at the gym or bartending on a Saturday night.



white color for tank top
White tank tops were made famous by Hooters girls, but that doesn't mean they only have one use. Great for a simple undergarment at work or lounging around the house.


Augusta Sportswear Tank Tops


blue colored tank top
Blue gives you a burst of bold color to any outfit. Mix in some red and white for patriotic style, or wear it to the gym and be the center of attention.



tank top colored red
Red makes any outfit pop, even casual wear. Pair a red tank top with white pants for Valentine's Day or Christmas. Rock some red in August to match the summer heat.



tank top grey
Grey may seem like a 'blah' color, but it's not. Green pants instantly makes your outfit Earth tone. Wear blue jeans with grey any time of the year - that's why it's a classic.



gold color for tank top

Be the most valuable anything with a gold colored tank top. Grab a pair of green pants or jeans and you're ready for the Packer game.



white tank top
The iconic white tank top can be used for just about any look or situation. It's great for a gym session, cheerleading or something to wear on a lazy Sunday.


Jockey Pantyhose


off black colored pantyhose
Off-black pantyhose are a simple, effective way to dress up a professional outfit. Slightly lighter than standard black, off-black still pairs well with any color.


Warm Beige

warm beige color for pantyhose

Warm beige is great for a darker complexion. Soft and flexible, these Jockey pantyhose provide your legs with a subtle shine all day.


Tuxedo Black

pantyhose in tuxedo black color
Causual, professional or anywhere in between, tuxedo black is the perfect color for any situation. Pair with any color for a date, or with cut-offs for everyday style.



pantyhose in sand color
If you want a naturally-tanned look, sand colored hosiery is your go-to choice. Sand is excellent for a professional setting, and features a sheer toe for added flexibility.


Canadian Navy

pantyhose in Canadian navy color
You don't need to go over the Northern border to make your legs look great. With Canadian Navy pantyhose from Jockey, subtle color rules.



nude pantyhose from Jockey
Nude pantyhose are ideal for when they're required in the workplace. Show off your natural skin color while getting a slimming look and feel from Jockey hosiery.


Dolfin Activewear Shorts


activewear shorts black color swatch
Use these black athletic shorts at the gym or for when you're out for a run. Remember: black is a slimming color. Look twice as sexy in black Dolfin shorts.



burgundy color swatch for shorts

Wear burgundy Dolfin shorts and be just like the cheerleaders of everyone's favorite Washington D.C. football team.



athletic shorts in navy blue

Navy 100% nylon activewear shorts are lightweight and soft, while also being strong and fashionable.



orange Hooters girl shorts
Orange is the color of Dolfin Activewear shorts made famous by everyone's famous waitresses - Hooters girls. Use our guide on Hooters girl style to perfectly match their fashion.



purple colored athletic shorts
Add some colorful flair to your workouts with purple Dolfin shorts, or you could try out as a cheerleader for that one Minnesota football team.



red color for Dolfin shorts
These athletic shorts will have everyone stopping in their tracks when they see you. Utilize that slit up the side to further leverage your sex appeal.


Royal Blue

royal blue color swatch
You don't need to be a princess to appreciate the beauty of royal blue Dolfin shorts. Be a head-turner wherever you go with this attention-grabbing color.



white athletic shorts color

White running shorts from Dolfin are white hot! Pair with a black workout top for a fantastic contrasting look.



Dolfin shorts gold color
Be a winner everywhere you go in these gold Dolfin Activewear shorts. Add a green top be dressed in the colors of everyone's favorite team.


Cobblestones Activewear Shorts


black color for athletic shorts

Black sportsbras from Cobblestones Activewear are perfect for gym workouts, providing support while feeling incredible soft.



athletic shorts white color swatch
Cobblestones Activewear sport bras are offered for sale online in white, the classic workout color. With its moisture-wicking lining, they're never see you break a sweat!



grey color swatch for shorts
Don't get any gray hairs worrying about the perfect athletic shorts. Grey Cobblestones Activewear shorts are pefect for any active personality.


Texas Orange

Texas burnt orange color

Also known as burnt orange, wear the color of your favorite Texas sports team while you work out.



color red for shorts
Cobblestones Activewear offers athletic shorts in red, both in standard and boy cut. Red is ideal for cheerleading and grabbing everyone's attention.


Royal Blue

blue color swatch for athletic shorts

Royal blue athletic shorts work great for any active lifestyle - even if you're not royalty.


Columbia Blue

Columbia blue color for shorts
You don't have to attend an Ivy League university to rock Columbia colored athleticwear. Show off your school spirit anywhere you go with these Cobblestones Activewear shorts.



navy blue color for shorts
Navy athletic shorts are great for any situation, whether you're working out, on the field cheering for your team or enjoying a lazy Saturday.



color gold for athletic shorts

King Midas ain't got anything on these gold Cobblestones shorts. Everything you touch while wearing them will turn to...well, you know.


Vegas Gold

shorts color Vegas gold

Vegas, baby! Pair with a black top for a light-and-dark vibe, or throw on a blue-purple top for a complementary look.



maroon color for Cobblestones shorts
These high quality, maroon colored shorts are regal, shiny, and great-fitting. Cobblestones Activewear shorts are perfect for a workout or a dance routine.


Kelly Green

Kelly green color swatch for shorts

Make everyone jealous when you rock these stunningly green athletic shorts. Earthtone colors are always a good choice.



orange color for Cobblestones shorts
Ah, yes - orange athletic shorts. Perhaps best known as the shorts worn by Hooters girls, these Cobblestones Activewear shorts work fantastically even if you're not serving drinks.



shorts purple color swatch

Show off your bravery and your personality with purple colored shorts from Cobblestones.



cardinal red color for athletic shorts

Be as free as a bird when wearing cardinal athletic shorts.


Forest Green

shorts forest green color swatch

Forest green athletic shorts from Cobblestones Activewear offer unbeatable flexibility, a sexy sheen and a perfect fit every time.


Leg Avenue Hosiery


black color swatch for tights
You've heard that something "is the new black," right? Here's why: black is always fashionable. Black pantyhose go with just about anything.



tights white color swatch
White stockings are the classic wardrobe add-on. Pair with a black skirt for that iconic contrasting look. Use white pantyhose in the winter for outdoor-matching fashion.



pantyhose silver color
Step outside of the typical black or white stockings with silver tights from Leg Avenue. Be the attention-grabber you've always wanted to be.



pink color for pantyhose

Be a ballerina or a hot, pink date for Valentine's day with these pink tights from Leg Avenue.



red color for hosiery

Red tights are for the bold - and that's you! Wear on July 4th to be extra patriotic, or be the hottest of hot dates.



nude color swatch

Create the perfect legs with nude colored stockings from Leg Avenue. Hide any imperfections with nude pantyhose.



hosiery cream color swatch
Cream colored pantyhose are ideal for paler skin tones. The neutral tone of cream allows pairing with almost any color, creating a near-infinite number of possibilities.



tight purple color swatch
Purple is a love-or-hate color. Of course, we know there's only one logical choice. Love these purple tights from Leg Avenue as you show off your forward-thing style.



grey color swatch for tights

Grey doesn't have to be dull. Pair with earth tones like blue or green to go from blah to brilliant.


Kelly Green

kelly green tights color swatch
Kelly green pantyhose from Leg Avenue are one of the versatile colors available. From St. Patrick's day to Comic-Con, these head-turning tights are perfect for public display.


Neon Pink

neon pink color for pantyhose

Be loud and proud with neon pink tights. Make any outfit pop with these pantyhose.


Blaze Orange

blaze orange color swatch pantyhose

Bright and neon colors are making a comeback. Be the hippest, most fashionable one at the party with blaze orange pantyhose.


Royal Blue

tights royal blue

Blue is everyone's favorite color. Rock a pair of royal blue tights to be the center of attention wherever you go.



yellow color for tights

Match your sunny demeanor with yellow stockings from Leg Avenue. Bright colors are back in style, making yellow pantyhose an easy choice.



gold color swatch for pantyhose

Demonstrate your value to anyone with these gold tights. In this case, all that glitters IS gold.


Multicolor Shimmer

multicolor shimmer color swatch
Can't decide on a color? Why not wear them all with multicolor shimmer tights from Leg Avenue. You're ready for any season and situation with these pantyhose!


Black With Golden Shimmer

black with golden shimmer pattern

"Bee" the life of any party with black and golden shimmer patterned tights.


Black With Purple Shimmer

black with purple shimmer color pattern

Head-turning tights ain't got nothin' on black with purple shimmer pattern pantyhose from Leg Avenue.


Black With Red Shimmer

red shimmer on black pattern
Be ready for Valentine's Day with these fashionable black tights with red shimmer color pattern. You can dress up any professional attire with a little flair, as well.


Black With Royal Shimmer

royal shimmer on black color swatch
Would you rather have an attention-grabbing fashion statement like black pantyhose with royal shimmer or tights with durable fabric and double stitching? With these tights, you don't have to choose - you get both!


Black With Silver Shimmer

Silver shimmer pattern on black
You don't have to come in second place to wear black and silver shimmer tights from Leg Avenue. Be a winner with unparalleled fashion sense when you wear this Leg Avenue hosiery.


Lavender With Silver Shimmer

lavender with silver shimmer color swatch
Wearing lavender suggests rich culture and gourmet taste. Lavender tights with silver shimmer, therefore, must mean you have the best fashion taste of anyone you know!


Light Blue With Silver Shimmer

silver shimmer over light blue

Fill the sky with silver when you rock these light blue tights with a silver shimmer pattern.


Pink With Silver Shimmer

silver shimmer pattern over pink

Pink with silver shimmer pattern is perfect wedding or any summer ocassion. It's colorful without being gaudy.


Rainbow Red

rainbow red color for tights

Rainbow tights are the way to go if you just want to be zany with your fashion choice - any there's nothing wrong with that.

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