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Mantyhose is the Next Hot Fashion Trend

Be ahead of the newest fashion trend by wearing pantyhose for men. While it’s still a niche market, its steady growth since 1999 caused Forbes to suggest in 2012, men’s hosiery could be the next billion-dollar market. Get in on this style now so you can say you did it before it was cool later. Hot Legs USA offers men’s Peavey pantyhose at the low prices you’ve come to expect.

Men’s pantyhose go beyond a fashion statement. There are multiple utilitarian uses for mantyhose. Perhaps most obviously, men’s tights provide extra warmth in the winter, as well as those transitional months where you’re not sure if you need that extra layer or not. Pantyhose for guys also help in circulation improvement when sitting or standing all day at work, essentially acting as compression stockings.

Peavey pantyhose and high gloss tights for men are designed for guys in mind, featuring high durability and sweat wicking characteristics. Colors available include coffee bean, suntan, black and white. Imagine being the coolest guy around as you stroll down the street in fitted shorts and black pantyhose. You’ll have everyone’s attention and make them jealous.

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