Captain America Costume Tutorial

Friday, October 2, 2015

How to Make a Captain America Outfit

1. Blue tights.

Blue costume nylon tightsA pair of blue tights will show off your patriotic side as you save the world this Halloween as Captain America. To fully embrace the retro aspect of this hero frozen in time, bright blue works best for this American Avenger.

2. Booty shorts.

Dolfin shorts in blueIn Captain America: The First Avenger, the original uniform Steve Rogers dons includes a pair of modesty shorts over his tights. Dolfin shorts, available in multiple shades of blue, are just the extra coverage you need.

3. Stars and Stripes.

The hardest part of this outfit will be the shirt since there are a few different varieties. For the retro look, a long-sleeve blue shirt with a white star sewn or painted on the front is by far the easiest option. Otherwise, a professionally made Captain America shirt with red and white stripes around the torso will keep you comfortably patriotic.

4. Red boots and gloves.

Offset your blue with a little red. Since Halloween can be chilly, regular winter gloves work great for this outfit. Red boots may be a little harder to come by, so try some boot warmers over your regular shoes instead.

5. A winged cowl.

Fortunately for you, Cap’s cowl seems to conveniently fall off during important fights to better show off his face, meaning you can get away with not covering up. A blue ski mask works just as well for the retro look, just make sure to include wings over the ears and an A on your forehead. Or you can paint one on, like this guy:

6. The shield.

Whether you use a trashcan lid, a Frisbee, or an authentic prop from the movie, Captain America’s shield is the final, most important piece of this DIY costume. Full-size shields are available for dedicated fans, though some patriotic paint and any round item will work in a pinch.

Captain America Halloween Tights

You love history and you love superheroes. Why not combine the two by making a Captain America costume this Halloween? Even if you don’t have the physique of Chris Evans, you can still pull off his costume in a few easy steps. Assemble all the Avengers with help from the Black Widow and Hulk costume guides.

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