Hot Legs USA works with the best brands in pantyhose, delivering the hosiery and pantyhose you need! Hot Legs USA is your resource for everything panty hose related! We specialize in bringing you premium, superior quality pantyhose, tights and other hosiery. The durable, high quality products Hot Legs supplies are used by the famous sports bar waitresses at Hooters and Beaver's Sports Bar and Grill. If you are looking for hosiery products from the best pantyhose brands around, you're at the right place.  If you want the best pantyhose affiliated businesses, check out our helpful links. All the links provided show you other brilliant businesses. We are confident you'll appreciate their pantyhose related products and amenities - take a look around!

Link Description
Beavers Sportsbar & Restaurant
This premium restaurant from Moscow, Russia knows where to get the best uniforms for their staff (at Hot Legs USA)! 
Variety of sheer pantyhose and athletic shorts available for waitresses at Beavers Sports Bar & Grill

Hot Legs USA offers you the same pantyhose as the famous waitresses! If you're looking for trademark Hooters shirts or shorts, you're in luck! Here's the link!  

Wear sheer pantyhose and hosiery and your legs will look like those of the famous Hooters girls

INET-PC has been creating amazing custom websites for 20 years - this website is one of them! Give the link a click to see what they're about!

Simple, safe shopping cart design for pantyhose, hosiery, tights, and more created by iNET PC

Joe Armitage Photo

Professional shoots and great photography - check out the models with some nice hosiery from Hot Legs USA! Click link to see more!

Lingerie for photo shoots provided by Hot Legs USA

Milwaukee Wedding Bands Entertainment

Your resource for live music in Milwaukee! Check out the website to see what Milwaukee Wedding Bands can add to your wedding or special event! Don't forget the perfect wedding hosiery we have for you here online at Hot Legs USA!

Partner site Milwaukee Live Entertainment providing wedding bands; Hot Legs USA providing wedding lingerie and wedding pantyhose

PHS Photography

Friendly, professional photographer takes great photos. PHS Photography reports that the average American family gets only .9 family photos taken. Time to get a new photo! Make sure you look great in your pantyhose from Hot Legs USA!

Photographers recommend models use sheer pantyhose and other hosiery products from Hot Legs USA

Show Me's

Restaurants around the US provide fun, friendly professional service  - they have great food and great outfits, thanks to Hot Legs USA!

Pink athletic shorts and sheer pantyhose for the Show-Me's provided by Hot Legs USA

Studio 86

Great photographer who knows where to go for all pantyhose and hosiery needs - nice to see you around Hot Legs USA!

Studio 86 refers all models to Hot Legs USA for their pantyhose needs


These lovely ladies of the racetrack want the best, so they get their pantyhose from Hot Legs USA!

Various colors of athletic shorts carried by Hot Legs USA means you'll find the color you need

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