French Maid Tights and Costume Guide

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Clothilde á Le Grand Budapest Hotel Cosplay How-To

1. Hair –

Twist your hair back in a chignon or classic bun and then think about a little hat. You can wear a traditional maid’s cap, or for a more attractive accessory, use a bit of white lace as a hair ribbon. Tie it as you would a headband or wrap it around your bun.

2. Apparel –

Black Mini PetticoatBlack is the standard for every French maid. If you have a short black skirt, pair it with a black tank top and black petticoat. For a more racy look, leave off the skirt altogether and be bold with the tank and petticoat as your base outfit.

Maid Thigh HighsThese tuxedo-top thigh-highs are the perfect look for your “uniform”. A pair of high heels will complete the look and make your legs look miles long.

If you aren’t into the thigh-highs, look at these simple ankle socks sporting a suggestive ribbon. Pair with the heels of your choice.

3. Details –

Black Bow Ankle SocksYou will want a small white apron to bring the look together. Make your own, or find an inexpensive one here.

This costume is great because you have a lot of room to mix up the basic pieces. You can go long-sleeved up top or knee-length in your skirt. The only important detail is that it should be black. Accessorize accordingly with a lace collar for an authentic look.

A feather duster! Don’t forget this teasing tool. Whether to help out your party house with the knick-knacks or to tickle your friend’s fancy, this is an essential accessory for your costume.

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