Scuba Diving Hosiery for Men

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Scuba Diving Hosiery for Men

Having problems getting your wetsuit on? Layering pantyhose under yourScuba Diving Hosiery wetsuit helps rigid suits slip on much easier. Men’s pantyhose offer a layer of warmth when diving deep into the ocean or lake. If you are sick of trying to wear plastic bags on your feet and struggling for hours to slip in your suit, buy a few pairs of pantyhose to make your diving preparation easy. Just put on the hosiery before slipping on your wetsuit. Although, our experts still recommend inverting your suit before inserting your arms and legs to maximize efficiency. Hot Legs USA offers a variety of quality tights for men shown above.

Preventing Jellyfish Stings

There are other reasons why a man would wear hosiery other than styling the bold fashion. Jellyfish inject their stings into humans through chemicals found on the skin. Pantyhose provides a layer of separation from those stings. Instead of trying expensive solutions like repellent or a jellyfish protection suit, simply wear one of Hot Legs USA’s selected unisex tights underneath your wetsuit.

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