Pantyhose with Built-In Panty

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Hot Legs USA has pantyhose with built-in panties—you never have to deal with your underwear being visible under your pantyhose again! The built-in panty eliminates those pesky panty-lines for a smooth look under your clothes.

Premium Fit & Style:

  • Works great with any outfit
  • Hassle free, no more adjusting underwear
  • Comfortable and versatile fit and feel

Other benefits include:

  • Trap warmth in colder climates
  • Keep legs from dryness in colder climates
  • Improve tone and appearance of skin/legs
  • Shave less often

Along with the aesthetic benefits, our pantyhose with built-in panty offers extra convenience. Say goodbye to having to adjust your underwear through your pantyhose. The built-in panty is comfortable and stays put—you’ll completely forget about it! Be your confident and fabulous self, feel comfortable, and know you look good.

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