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Hooters Girl Shorts, Tights, and Pantyhose for Sale!

Love the Hooters style look but not the price? You’ve come to the right place! At Hot Legs USA you can get everything you need to dress up (or down) just like the famous Hooters girls we know and love. Create your own unique twist to this look with all of our fun colors, or keep it original and embody sexy Hooters girls and NFL cheerleaders.

Use our Hooters girl size chart and view our different lengths of Hooters style tops to find the perfect fit for all Hooters apparel for your Halloween costume. Complete the look with Hooters shorts. Keep your legs looking tan, tight and toned all year around with our Peavey Premium Quality Pantyhose or Peavey High Gloss Fashion Tights! Find Hooters merchandise at affordable prices from Hot Legs USA!

Shop all our pantyhose now for serious style you have to see to believe!

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