Q: Are your costume guides official?

A: No, our DIY Halloween and cosplay costume guides are not official or endorsed in any way by the character creators or copyright holders. They are merely fun and simple tutorials for fans to affordably express their love with costume creativity. Costumes seen on Hot Legs USA may be worn for Halloween or at fan conventions. Back To Top

Q: Does your site put me on a mailing list or sell my information?

A: NEVER - There is nothing more annoying, we simply refuse to do this to our customers. Your information is never shared with anyone. Back To Top

Q: How do you package your items for shipping?

A: All items are discretely shipped in a plain white padded envelope for the privacy of all our customers. The "From:" portion of our labels reads "iNET Marketing" along with our return address. Back To Top

Q: Do you have other items (i.e. colors, sizes, and styles) available for purchase?

A: All items that are currently available for purchase are listed on our site. If it is not listed, it is not available. We are currently working with all of our manufacturers to offer more colors, sizes, and product options to our customers. As soon as new products become available, we will post them for purchase. Please visit our site frequently to see what is new. Back To Top

Q: Is this site affiliated with HOOTERS OF AMERICA(R)?

A: The answer here is NO. Hot Legs USA features the exact same products that are supplied to & worn by our favorite sportsbar waitresses. This site is owned and operated by Hot Legs USA, NOT Hooters of America(R). Hot Legs USA is NOT affiliated with Hooters of America, the products we offer are NOT made by Hooters of America(R), and our products do NOT carry the Hooters(R) LOGO. "Hooters(R)" is a registered trademark of Hooters of America. Back To Top

Q: How close are the colors of your products to your pictures here on the website?

A: The photos are taken from the actual products themselves, and we take pains to make sure they’re accurate. That said, plenty of factors come into play when discussing color. Each customer’s skin tone, lighting, individual perception and opinion of colors is different. For example, your computer monitor may be skewing color as you read this. When in doubt, order one and check the color for yourself! Back To Top

Q: What is the difference between Tamara Hosiery and Peavey Hosiery?

A: Both brand names are worn by our favorite "sportsbar waitresses". Each location contracts differently, some with Peavey and some with Tamara. The colors between the two brands are slightly different. Some say the Peavey feels a little heavier. We’ve tested both and have a hard time telling the difference. These companies offer outstanding products and that's why we offer both brands! Back To Top

Q: How durable are the pantyhose and tights and how long will they last?

A: Our site features premium quality products. As with any product, the way you treat and care for these items has a direct correlation with how long they last. Please follow garment label for proper care instructions. We recommend that all items be hand washed whenever possible. You may machine wash on delicate cycle. The use of a mesh laundry bag is highly recommended for machine washing and/or drying. We recommend the use of hosiery gloves when you are putting on or taking off our hosiery products. Back To Top

Q: I have to purchase for an entire group (i.e. Employees, Squad, or Team). Do you offer bulk or quantity discount purchases?

A: Yes! We handle these requests on a "one on one" basis. The amount of discount will vary depending on the size, color, and quantity of your request. Anyone who wishes to discuss bulk or quantity purchases should contact us through Email or Fax. Please include your Phone Number and all your details (i.e. sizes, colors, and quantities needed)! We will respond by calling or emailing you as soon as possible. For bulk quantity purchases, please email us (info@hotlegsusa.com) so we can call you back -or- Contact us by fax 262-574-5928. Back To Top

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes we do, and we offer great priced shipping to Canada. Pantyhose orders under 1 lb can now ship First Class for only $11.90! Priority mail is also available. Back To Top

Q: Do you have a Toll Free Number?

A: We do! For Customer Service or to place an order you can call 855.380.8410 from M- F 9am - 5pm CST. Ask for Janet or Kurt. Back To Top

Q: Who are the photographers you work with for the stunning images you have on your website?

A: Hot Legs USA has had the extreme pleasure to work with the following photographers: Joe Armitage - www.photshooter.com - Minneapolis, MN ; Jamie Becker - Pewaukee, WI ; Craig Honeysett - Pewaukee, WI ; Mark Niemi - Creative Images and Model Management (CIMM) - www.creativeimagesmm.com - Chicago, IL ; John Potter - PHS Photography - www.phsphotography.com - Sioux Falls, SD ; Darrett Pullins - Pullins Photography - Rochester, MI ; Greg Sayles - Janesville, WI Back To Top

Q: How "shiny" or "glossy" are the tights that you sell?

A: Much like color, this again is a matter of individual perception and opinion. We label the product "High Gloss" because the product has "gloss" sheen to it. How much gloss and to what degree? Buy a pair and test it for yourself. Back To Top

Q: What is the difference between pantyhose and tights?

A: It all comes down to sheerness. Sheerness is determined by how fine the yarn's denier (thickness) is. Pantyhose use a lower denier to reveal more of your natural skin tone while tights use a higher denier to "color" your legs. Back To Top

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