Retired Hooters Girl Costume Guide

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Droopy Hooters Costume

Last week we discussed the Hooters costume for guys. This week, we’re gonna take it one step further: a retired Hooters girl costume – for women and men. The main difference between a men’s Hooters girl costume and a retired Hooters girl costume is, the latter has an extra feature that adds a humorous dimension to the overall concept.

Funny Halloween Costume For Adults

With this (cheap) costume, there is a specific aspect of the human body that sags. You can probably guess which part. Is it a tad raunchy? Perhaps, but it also misses the point. This costume isn’t more than a half-step removed from Hooter’s official slogan of “Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined”. Besides, it’s really funny. Use our Hooters girl costume guide for ideas to ensure your outfit is perfect this Halloween.

What Apparel You Will Need

Standard Hooters Girls CostumeThe retired Hooters girl costume (also called droppy Hooters costume) requires the same Hooters style clothing and accessories including a white tank top, those well-known orange running shorts, scrunchie socks and, of course, suntan-colored pantyhose. As with all of our clothing, we offer a Hooters costume size chart to help you find the proper fit. The tighter the costume, the funnier it is – especially on a guy. So while it may fit better to wear a large or XL, dressing up in small and XS sizes adds to the effect.

Orange Running Shorts and Suntan Pantyhose

We started from the top and went down last time. Let’s go in the opposite direction this time. To be a Hooter’s girl, you need those instantly recognizable Dolfin shorts. Underneath, you’ll need Peavey High Gloss Fashion Tights. To bring the lower half all together, make sure to have long white scrunch socks and white tennis shoes.

Hooters Style White Tank Tops

Now that you have the bottom half of the outfit complete, it’s time to build the upper half. Obviously, the white tank top is essential. While we offer two standard options – Hooters style waist length tank top and tunic length tank top – the real key to the droopy Hooters costume If you’re looking to show off your, ahem, stomach is to rock the midriff length tank top. A sports bra is usually used for the traditional Hooters girl (or guy) outfit, but you might still want one just in case you’re… too droopy. If you need something to carry your stuff around as you barhop, don’t forget the waitress pouch.

Retired Hooters Waitress Costume Suppliers

Hot Legs USA can and should be your source for all Hooters girl outfit attire. Whether you want to be a Hooters girl, a Hooters guy or a retired Hooters waitress, we’ve got everything you need to have a bullet-proof Halloween costume. With a droopy Hooters waitress costume, you can entertain everyone or win a costume contest – maybe even both! The choice is up to you.

For all your Halloween costume merchandise, contact the Hooters style clothes and accessories suppliers at Hot Legs USA today.
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