Men’s Hooters Girl Halloween Costume Guide

Friday, January 9, 2015

Dude’s Hooters Uniform

Hooters girl costumes aren’t just for girls anymore. (Were they ever?) Stop letting women have all the fun! Skinny and plus size men can get in on the fun of dressing up as America’s most beloved waitresses – after all, guys can be servers, too. It therefore reasons men can also be Hooters waitresses. Wait, we meant waiters.

Funny (and cheap) Halloween Costume for Men

You’ll certainly have a head-turning costume this Halloween as a Hooters guy. As long as you enjoy attention (and a few confused looks), you should fit right in on All Hallows’ Eve. We also have advice on a retired Hooters waitress costume. Consult our DIY Hooters costume guide if you need ideas for putting the outfit together.

Hooters Apparel - What You’ll Need

In order to be the real deal, you are going to need all the Hooters style clothing and accessories. We offer all the same apparel for sale for dude Hooters costumes as we do for dudettes. We also have a Hooters costume size chart as a guide on proper fit, whether you're on the small or the large side (or XS and XL ranges). After all, dressing up in an ill-fitting Hooters outfit would look ridiculous on a guy.

Hooters Style Tank Tops for Beautiful Adult Men

For the top half, you need the classic Hooters style waist length tank top. You can even get a tunic length tank top. If you’re feeling a little saucy, you can wear the Hooters midriff tank top and show off your six pack (or keg). To top off the upper half of the outfit, you need a Hooters style sports bra. Make sure to take your measurement before ordering.

Orange Shorts and Pantyhose for Guy’s Hooters Costume

For the bottom half – well, you know what you need. That’s right, those iconic orange Hooters Dolfin shorts! Your legs are as sexy as they are hairy, so show them off with the slit up the side. Under your shorts, you gotta have pantyhose. You can’t just weary any old pantyhose or tights, though.

Tights and Pantyhose

To truly sell the outfit, you need Hooters style Peavey High Gloss Fashion Tights, and make sure they’re suntan color. In addition to the classic white tennis shoes, you’ll need to grab a pair of Hooters long scrunch socks to tie it all together. Don't forget the Hooters girl waitress pouch, either.

Hooters Costume Supplies from Hot Legs USA

Let Hot Legs USA be your source for all things Hooters girl outfit, whether you’re a male or female. We don’t discriminate here – or question anything. A Hooters guy is sure to win any costume contest you enter. Don’t be shy, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Rock a Hooters style costume this Halloween and let’s see which sex wears it better!

Contact the Hooters style pantyhose suppliers at Hot Lega USA to buy all your Halloween costume merchandise.
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