Buying a Hooters Girl Costume

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Invest In a Classic Outfit

Girl Wearing Classic Hooters CostumeWhen you purchase our Hooters costume, you are getting more than clothing you can only wear once a year. The flirty orange shorts and fitted tank tops are versatile, perfect for turning heads at Halloween parties or at the gym. We break down the Hooters Costume, giving you an easy step-by-step guide describing every accessory, even the Hooters girl makeup you need to emulate America’s iconic Hooters girls. Dressing up in a Hooters uniform is always an eye-catching hit at Halloween parties. The classic white tank top, high gloss tights and signature orange shorts are sure to put all eyes on you. Need ideas or want a humorous twist? Check out our DIY novelty Hooters halloween costume ideas.

Buying your Hooters apparel from Hot Legs USA is always a good deal. Not only is it the perfect costume to wear on Halloween, but the clothing can be worn year-round. The shorts and tank top are the perfect attire to wear to the beach or water park. And our Hooters style suntan pantyhose are also versatile and professional looking, they can be worn under skirts and dresses when the temperature drops. Hooters apparel from Hot Legs gives you plenty of options to wear any time of the year!

Fast and Easy Sizing with Secure Checkout

Not only do we offer bargain prices, but we give you all the tools to correctly place your order. No need to worry if the costume you just ordered will fit. With our Hooters costume sizing guide, we break down which sizes to buy for whichever fit you want. Simply find your size, add to cart and continue shopping! When you’re all set, use our secure checkout process to complete your transaction.

Hooters Costume Sales Made Easy

When buying clothing online it’s important to get the correct sizes, at affordable prices. Our Hooters merchandise is competitively priced. Buy your Hooters costume for less and get the peace of mind knowing it will fit perfectly. Get your costume today! We accept all four major credit cards for transactions.

Order your Hooters Girl Costume today to pull off the perfect look for any upcoming dress up party you have.
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