Leg Avenue - Athlete Nylon Thigh High

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LA6605 Leg Avenue Athlete Nylon Thigh High
LA6605 Leg Avenue Athlete Nylon Thigh Highs For Sale
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Product Features

  • 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • Available in two colors
  • Stay Up Top
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Hosiery for Halloween!

 Leg Avenue HosieryLeg Avenue Athlete Nylon Thigh High Black Socks with White Stripes are a high-scoring item to go with your Halloween costume! These Nylon Thigh Highs are lightweight and comfortable, perfect for Halloween costumes! These Leg Avenue Athletic Thigh High socks are available in Black with White Stripes and White with Black Stripes, one size fits most.

Becoming a Pokémon trainer is easy at Hot Legs USA! To be the most stylish trainer in the Kalos region, start with the Athlete Nylon Thigh Highs and then follow this simple guide to match the rest of Serena’s outfit for an awesome Halloween costume.

See more cosplay guides from Hot Legs USA to prepare your Halloween costume.

Leg Avenue Nylon Thigh High socks from Leg Avenue put the finishing touch on lots of athletic themed Halloween costumes! Dress up as a soccer player, cheerleader, or a referee – complete your Halloween costume for a fraction of the cost by purchasing these Leg Avenue Athlete Nylon Thigh Highs socks from Hot Legs USA! Pair these thigh high athletic socks with a pair of Peavey or Tamara Hosiery for extra warmth and shiny, slim looking legs.

Slip on a pair of these Leg Avenue Nylon stay up thigh highs with a pair of Cobblestones Activewear Shorts for a sexy Halloween costume! These Halloween pantyhose are a high-scoring item for all your athletic Halloween pantyhose needs! Athlete Nylon Thigh Highs are comfortable, versatile, and reasonably priced! Shop online at Hot Legs USA for more great Halloween pantyhose!

Shop Thigh High Stockings or all tights, pantyhose and hosiery.
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