Disgust Costume How-To Guide

Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to Make a Disgust (Inside Out) Costume

Green costume wig1. Green Wig

Disgust from Inside Out is green from head to toe. Even her hair is green! Use a green wig styled into a short bob for your costume. Add glitter hairspray to match even closer to her film appearance.

Purple fashion scarf2. Purple Scarf or Ascot

Depending on your personal preference, you can either wear a purple fashion scarf or a retro ascot for this part of your costume. Both will work, though a traditional ascot is closer to the style Disgust wears. If you really want to go all out, use glitter fabric paint to create a shimmering effect on your chosen neckwear.

3. Green dress

Disgust wears a vintage green dress because her sharp sense of style is timeless. Find a solid green dress, preferably in an A-line or pouf style to best match the dress seen in the movie. The contour pattern on her dress is easy to replicate with blue and white fabric paint for a fun, DIY activity. Simply trace blue and white flower patterns over the green in any way you want. Make them large or small depending on your own sense of fashion.

Green dress with patternBuy a fashionable green dress for Disgust.

4. Leggings

Green nylon tightsEver the fashionista, Disgust pairs her cute dress with some sensible leggings. The Hot Legs USA Disgust Costume Leggings are a fashionable addition to your costume. Though the leggings Disgust wears are dark green, this pair of black leggings has lace trim to help your costume stand out from the rest.

5. Green skin

If you want to get really accurate with this costume, you’re going to need green skin. Since most of your outfit is already green, you can skip this step if you’re in a hurry or want to save on money.

Use light green body paint to cover your arms and face. Make sure it’s safe for use on skin! If you have a sensitive complexion, try using green make-up accents instead, such as green eye-shadow and lipstick. Fortunately, your legs are mostly covered already. For what’s left, use Leg Avenue green tights under your Disgust Costume Leggings.

6. Purple flats

Purple shoesExpertly coordinating her accessories, Disgust has purple flats to match her scarf. These sensible shoes will keep you comfortable while trick-or-treating.

7. Disgusting Belt

As a final touch to your Disgust outfit, add a green with a letter D belt buckle. Decorate the letter with rhinestones or glitter to tie your entire outfit together.

Disgust (Inside Out) Halloween Tights

Do you want a Halloween costume so cool it’ll make other people barf? Sounds like Disgust is right for you! Voiced by Mindy Kaling in this summer’s Inside Out, Disgust is an emotion we can all relate to.

Pair up with a DIY Joy for a fun and emotional Halloween!

Start making memories with Disgust. Find the right colored tights for your cosplay outfit today, or check out more cosplay ideas from Hot Legs USA.
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