October Weather Does not have to Ruin the Halloween Costume of Your Child

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

by Jane HotLegsUSA

If you're from the Northern half of the United States you are plagued with an age old dilemma. "Am I a bad mother if I allow my child to show off her costume rather than bundle her up appropriately for the cold weather?" Never fear, Hot Legs USA has some tricks and tips to help you decrease your "mom guilt" while still allowing your daughter to showcase her costume.

When children trick-or-treat we have to remember they are running from door to door, thus exerting energy and heating up. They don't get as cold as we do. After all we're simply standing at the end of the driveway waving to our neighbors. To dress children appropriately we have to think in terms of layers and the ability to wick moisture away from the skin so they don't become chilled when they do finally slow down. Synthetic fibers are excellent or wicking moisture as well as insulating the body.

Most girl costumes come skirted adding an additional dilemma for parents, namely bare legs facing the cold of the trick-or-treat mission. Hot Legs USA, one of America's top hosiery sellers, offers hosiery options for children providing warmth and durability needed for the hunt for candy. Opaque Micro Fiber Children's Tights are an excellent choice offering a variety of colors to match your daughter's costume.

Even if your daughter or son, for that matter, has a costume with pants, layer with a pair of tights and he/she will be comfortable the entire time. Deniers are a unit of density measurement used to delineate stockings. The lower the denier the more sheer the hose and less insulating properties the hose have. For layering and warmth select stockings with a high denier such as opaque tights. They are heavier and warmer and if they are made with synthetic materials they will also have moisture wicking properties.

Shop Hot Legs USA for all your hosiery needs. Decrease your mom guilt, keep your child warm and while you're at it select a costume for yourself and join in on the Halloween fun.
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