Men’s Halloween Costumes with Short Shorts

Friday, January 23, 2015

If you’re man enough to wear short shorts this Halloween, you might as well go the extra mile and add tights. Congrats, you’ve just made your costume manlier and you get to be a little warmer this October 31st. If you want your sexy legs to get noticed – do it. Do it. Seriously, MAN UP AND DO IT! I SAID, DO IT!

And if you’re wondering what day Halloween is this year, October 31st is a Saturday. Things get extra cray-cray when Halloween proper falls on the weekend. Make sure you’re up to the challenge with the perfect(ly awesome) costume, which means any costume that includes men wearing cut-offs. The only other option is to wear a men's costume with tights.

Male Costume Ideas with Short Shorts

So ya wanna dress manly but you don’t have any good ideas? Never fear, we’re here to help. Hot Legs USA happens to have experts in unique, sexy and extremely funny DIY Halloween costumes using short shorts for men.

Lieutenant Dangle Costume (aka Male Hot Cop)

The manliest of manly men that were ever manly…ist – that’s Lieutenant Dangle. He wears short shorts not because it’s fashionable or hip or cool or ironically cool, but because they allow for maximum mobility. As he stated, his shorts allow him to move “like a law enforcement cheetah.” Short shorts allow levels of mobility that asymptotically approach infinity. It just happens to be a bonus that they look sexy on men.

A Lieutenant Dangle Halloween costume is simple (and sexy!). All you need are tan short shorts –preferably with a black stripe down the side – and a tan police officer’s shirt. Oh yeah, and you’ll need a mustache and Aviator shades, too. If you’re a man with au naturel legs, you could shave them for that extra hot factor…Or you could wear nude nylon stockings and simplify the whole process.

Richard Simmons Costumeguy's costume with tights

Feel fantastic about yourself with a Richard Simmons style Halloween costume. Work that body knowing you look FABULOUS! This DIY costume is easy and effective. The costume consists of gym short shorts, an a-shirt (aka tank top) and a friendly personality. You can also use men's nude pantyhose if you want to sexify your male legs. Feel free to lead an impromptu aerobics class while you’re out on the town.

‘70s Basketball Costume

Dudes love basketball – and funny Halloween costumes. Everyone knows ‘70s basketball players pick up all the cheerleaders, bro. You can do the same by rocking a ‘70s basketball uniform this October 31st. Take a pair of gym-style short shorts – the shorter, the better – and add a basketball jersey. Boom, costume done. Consider wearing an afro if you want to go the full nine.

mens fishnets for costumeRoller Derby Costume

Be hot and mobile on Halloween Night with a men’s roller derby costume. The only thing funnier than a guy in short shorts and men's fishnet pantyhose is a guy in short shorts, fishnets and roller skates. Find a pair of elbow and knee pads, as well as a helmet, to complete the outfit. Halloween parties get a little more fun when you’re tipsy and on wheels. Just believe that nothing will go wrong and it won’t.

Contact the Halloween costume experts at Hot Legs USA for all your merchandise needs. View more men's costume ideas or check out all the Hot Legs USA cosplay guides for costume inspiration.
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