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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

by Jane HotLegsUSA

Peavey, Tamara, Leg Avenue and Jockey Pantyhose are just a few of the high quality hosiery carried by Hot Legs USA. We supply you with the styles, colors and sizes to pair with all your favorite office outfits and club ensembles. Unlike other online and in store pantyhose providers, we've got you covered in every different type and style of nylon you could imagine. Our collection of footless pantyhose, thigh highs and control top pantyhose are flattering for all women, creating flawless legs. Explore a few of the bestselling hosiery we have to offer and then shop our full line of pantyhose, tights and leggings.

Nylons from Peavey Brand Pantyhose

Peavey Brand Pantyhose are the perfect nylons to accessorize skirts, short shorts and dresses. Peavey pantyhose are available in wide variety of colors and styles, complimenting your most adored wardrobe pieces. These hosiery provide another advantage, the premium materials are designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Comfortably complete every outfit, add Peavey Premium Quality FOOTLESS Pantyhose and all other Peavey Brand Pantyhose to your closet.

Peavey Premium Quality FOOTLESS Pantyhose PH310Peavey Premium Quality FOOTLESS Pantyhose

Peavey Premium Quality FOOTLESS Pantyhose are the latest craze in hosiery demands. If your toes have ever felt cramped or constricted inside your pantyhose, then Peavy Premium Quality FOOTLESS Pantyhose are the hosiery for you. Footless pantyhose are also a great choice for sufferers of hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. The Peavey Premium Quality FOOTLESS Pantyhose allow you to wear socks avoiding dreaded sweaty feet inside your nylons. These hosiery are perfect for runners, waitresses, roller skaters, fitness instructors and all other professionals and athletes on their feet all day.  All Peavey brand pantyhose are made with quality materials ensuring durability and strength in every size, style and design.

Color (Size): Light Beige (A, B, C, D), Pecan (A, B, C, D) and Suntan (A, B, C, D)

  • 20DN

The best hosiery from Tamara Pantyhose

Tamara Pantyhose delivers high fashion hosiery at low Hot Legs USA prices. Our full line of Tamara Pantyhose is durable and strong, ensuring long lasting elasticity and flexibility. Reach your maximum style potential while giving your legs the classy and sexy look you desire. Tamara hosiery are the premium pantyhose your need, from high gloss microfiber tights to fishnet pantyhose. Check out Tamara Premium Quality Pantyhose for immaculately beautiful legs.

Tamara Premium Quality Pantyhose TH100Tamara Premium Quality Pantyhose

Tamara Premium Quality Pantyhose are the nylons worn by sports bar waitresses, professional cheerleaders, pageant contestants and CEO’s. These are the hosiery to wear if you desire the look of long, lean, tan and flawless legs. The Tamara Premium Quality Pantyhose are available in a plethora of colors and sizes so every wearer can find the perfect nylons for their body. The nylon and spandex composition of these pantyhose makes them oh so soft on your legs.

Color (Size): Black (A, B, C), Coffee (A, B), Navy (A, B, C, Long), Off Black (A, B, C, Long), Suntan (B, C, Long), White (A, B, C, Long)

  • 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex
  • 20DN
  • With cotton gusset
  • Sheer to waist

Fashion Forward Printed Tights by Leg Avenue

Leg Avenue's complete line of pantyhose are taken straight from the runways and top fashion magazines. Fishnet hosiery, body stockings, colored opaque tights, crotchless pantyhose, sexy thigh highs, Cuban heel nylons, cute anklets and so many more nylon styles are available from Leg Avenue. Many Leg Avenue pantyhose are available in one size fits most, designed to stretch and fit many body sizes. Stylize the Leg Avenue Lycra Sheer Thigh High with Faux Lace Up Top to add a unique touch to your outfits.

Leg Avenue Lycra Sheer Thigh High with Faux Lace Up Top LA1030Leg Avenue Lycra Sheer Thigh High With Faux Lace Up Top

Lycra Sheer Thigh High with Faux Lace Up Top pantyhose from Leg Avenue are the sexy addition to your hosiery collection. These nylons come in nude to give your legs a flawless look, hiding all blemishes. Leg Avenue has added a special accent to the top of the Lycra Sheer Thigh High with Faux Lace Up Top making these pantyhose stand apart from all other hosiery. Try on the Lycra Sheer Thigh High with Faux Lace Up Top for a sexy and chic look.

Color (Size): Nude (One Size Fits All)

  • 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex

Supportive Nylons from Jockey Hosiery

Jockey Hosiery are the perfect pantyhose for all body sizes. If you've ever had trouble finding nylons which provide the support and all day comfort you need these are the nylons for you. Jockey Hosiery are designed to slim and trim trouble areas for women. Try on the Jockey Control Top Pantyhose with your finest skirt suit for a fabulous work outfit.

Jockey Control Top Pantyhose JP7956Jockey Control Top Pantyhose

Jockey Control Top Pantyhose are specially designed to fit ladies who struggle to find nylons in larger sizes. These hosiery are specifically intended to fit height and hip for a flattering look on all body shapes. Jockey Control Top Pantyhose are perfect for the office and late nights on the town. These hosiery are created from a nylon and spandex combination. This composition ensures durability, regardless of how much wear and tear you put on them. You'll obtain perfect looking legs with the Jockey Control Top Pantyhose.

Color (Size): Tuxedo Black (Plus Size E, Plus Size-Tall F), Off Black (Plus Size E, Plus Size-Tall F), Nude (Plus E, Plus Size F), Sand (Plus Size E, Plus Size F)

  • 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • 20DN
  • With gusset
  • Control Top
Shop our full line of pantyhose and hosiery from Hot Legs USA, including fashionable Tamara, Peavey, Jockey and Leg Avenue nylons.
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