Dr. Frank N. Furter Men's Costume Pantyhose

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Dr. Frank N. Furter Men
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Hot patootie, bless my soul, don’t we all just love rock and roll? The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become a long-running motion picture institution since its 1975 debut. Charismatic host and mad scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter has been brought to life, sung along with, and watched over and over for more than thirty years. These iconic fishnet tights from Hot Legs USA are the perfect accessory for a Dr. Frank N. Furter cosplay costume for Halloween. They come in both womens and mens sizes to ensure comfort for all, no matter what gender or shape. Gussetless tights provide breathing room for gents and ladies can be assured that our fishnets are high-quality and will not run at the first sight of trouble.

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