Thigh High Black Pantyhose

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Black Thigh High/Garter and Stay-Up Thigh High Pantyhose

If you’re looking for a hot take on the classic garter, our thigh high black garters will get the mercury rising. From the basic opaque black thigh high pantyhose to the more risque appeal of Jacquard fishnet or Spiderweb lace, Hot Legs USA has a look for any and every occasion. Choose from classic thigh highs for use with a garter belt and stay-up thigh highs with a grippy silicon top to keep them up without a garter belt. Check out all the black pantyhose and tights available online.

Order big, save big

Place a minimum order of 20 tights and you’ll be eligible for a nice bulk order discount. Whether you’re ordering for a large group or just looking to build up your collection, our bulk order pricing helps keep the cost down. For information, contact us online or call 855-380-8410.

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