Life Hacks for Pantyhose: Cleaning

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Part 1: Cleaning with Old Pantyhose

At Hot Legs USA, we only sell high quality pantyhose, tights and other hosiery from the most trusted brands in the industry. But…no matter how great the quality is, eventually fashion legwear meets its demise. Then what? Well, Hot Legs USA has a few life hacks for old pantyhose…

  • Pantyhose Cleaning Tips for HairKeep Hairbrushes Hair-Free: Just put an old piece of pantyhose through the bristles. When you’re finished brushing or when hair builds up, just pull off the pantyhose. Presto! Your hair is removed and your brush is completely clean!
  • Pantyhose Life HacksFind Lost Jewelry or Other Small Items: Put pantyhose over the head of a vacuum; secure it with a rubber band or stretch it securely over the top so the vacuum cleaner doesn’t suck it in. Then vacuum over an area of carpet or hard flooring. The vacuum will find and pick up the lost item, but the nylon will keep it from disappearing inside the dirty vacuum.
  • TIP: Great for finding earrings (and earring backs), safety pins, jewels, etc. One lady even found her lost diamond in a shag rug! This tactic is especially great on thicker carpet
  • Pantyhose Life Hacks for Cleaning HouseClean Hard to Reach Places (like under the stove!): Hate cleaning under your fridge or stove? You’ll love this trick! Just attach old pantyhose to a straightened clothes hanger. Then work it under the appliance. Heavy dust sticks to nylons like you wouldn’t believe!
  • Pantyhose Life Hacks for CleaningPolish Almost Anything: Pantyhose material is soft and smooth, making it great for polishing a variety of household items, particularly lamps and fragile collectibles. Pantyhose are great for dusting and polishing hard to clean cracks and crevices. They’re also great for cleaning items which are sensitive to cleaning products or scratch easily including gold, silver and brass.

See what we mean? There are tons of great uses for worn out pantyhose! So next time your pantyhose have outworn their welcome, just stash them with your cleaning supplies. There are plenty of great life hacks for pantyhose!

Stay tuned for more pantyhose life hacks from Hot Legs USA—the #1 discount fashion store online for pantyhose, tights, lingerie and other fine hosiery!
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