Drusilla Cosplay Guide

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to Make a Drusilla Outfit

Drusilla in her red dress1. Hair

Drusilla has dark brown hair, usually worn down around her shoulders in curls or in a half up-do. If you already have hair like that, great! If not, you can just wear a brown wig, which are available online or at local costume shops.

2. Victorian Dress

Drusilla was originally from the Victorian Era, and so her clothes often reflected that. Most of the time, she was seen wearing long red Victorian-style dresses or long white nightgowns, which gave her a creepier edge than many of the other normal-looking vampires on the show. You can find Victorian-style dresses anywhere online or you can opt for a long white nightgown instead, also found online or at local costume shops.   

3. Killer Makeup

Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters

Like all of the vampires on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drusilla’s facial features could switch between normal and pretty to fanged and animalistic. This step of the Drusilla vampire look is optional, but if you feel like frightening others, you could attempt to emulate her scary vampire face for your cosplay - just follow any Drusilla the vampire make-up tutorial online to guide you along the way.  And don’t forget, the small details are what really make a costume.  Emulate one of Drusilla’s many manicure styles for the perfect vampire manicure. 

Vampire Cosplay tights with spiderwebs4. Tights

The spider web lace thigh highs from Hot Legs USA are the perfect hosiery to wear for your Drusilla the Vampire costume. These thigh highs are just the right combination of creepy and sexy for this amazing vampire look.

5. Fangs

For those of you who want to achieve the whole "vampire" look without going through the effort of doing the makeup, just get a pair of plastic vampire fangs online or from a local store. You can wear them around while in costume and freak out all your friends!

Drusilla the Vampire Halloween Thigh Highs

Your Drusilla the Vampire costume is now complete! Rock the spooky sexy look with this infamous creature of the night from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you want to get someone else in on the fun, too, your friend or boyfriend can even dress up as Drusilla’s male counterpart, Spike.

For more fun DIY costume ideas, check out the DIY Costume Tutorials of Hot Legs USA. Check out the Costume Tights and Pantyhose for even more Halloween ideas. Browse other tights patterns or fun pantyhose from Hot Legs USA.
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