What Jobs Require Pantyhose?

Monday, August 27, 2018

How Hosiery Promote Professional Appearances

Hosiery has always been a staple of professional business attire. Let’s take a look at which professions most often require (or “strongly recommend”) hosiery for their workers:

Professional Hosiery for Government and Law Offices

Formalwear is often a requirement in government and law offices across the country. For women, this means no bare legs. Don’t ban skirts and dresses from your wardrobe: expand with pantyhose! A smart pair of pantyhose let you keep a formal look while still showing off your legs.

Speaking of which…

Military and Law Enforcement Pantyhose

Dress uniforms for military and police officers often have a skirt option. Like the requirements of the U.S. Public Health Service, military branches require females to wear hosiery with dress shoes and/or skirts. The exact type will depend on the branch and occasion. We have hosiery for formal dress, mess dress, and semi-formal uniform wear.

Hosiery in Healthcare

Doctor Treating Patient

The Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service are required to wear pantyhose  with skirts and dress uniforms. Other health centers have similar requirements. It’s no surprise: pantyhose give the wearer a more professional appearance which is important for doctors and trained medical staff.

Additionally, hosiery protect legs from contamination. They offer an additional layer between your legs and all the germs found in medical facilities. Wear under your scrubs for extra support during a double. Or pair them with a smart skirt for a medical lecture.

Pantyhose for Financing Jobs

Banks and financial institutions tend to promote conservative dress codes. Although there are no uniforms, everyone is expected to match. It’s no surprise many employees have taken to wearing hosiery with their outfits. Colorful tights let you express yourself as you stand behind the teller’s counter. Sheer nude pantyhose give your legs a polished look as you lead an important meeting with financial investors. Dress smart with affordable Hot Legs USA hosiery!

Food Service Tights and Hosiery

All food service jobs have to meet certain health and hygiene standards. The FDA recommends hair nets and handwashing to prevent food contamination. All body hair should be covered. Even beards and mustaches require special hairnets. Kitchen staff who want to wear short pants should use pantyhose or tights to ensure none of their leg hair is exposed.

Closed-toed, non-slip shoes are recommended for anyone working in the kitchen to reduce slips and spills. Pair your shoes with hosiery for a comfortable outfit while you cook.  They also give your legs an extra layer of protection below your pants.

Server Uniform at Restaurant

Out of the kitchen, pantyhose give servers a sleek appearance. Classic black tights are perfect for creating a uniform look among the wait staff. And a well-polished serving team will make a great first impression on restaurant patrons.

Pantyhose for Flight Attendants

Flight attendant who wear skirts are required to have hosiery. It makes sense – your legs undergo a lot as you walk up and down the plane. Tights and hosiery protect your legs from spilled drinks and wayward elbows as you make your rounds. And they improve circulation, something your legs will need with constant altitude changes.

And finally…

Performance Pantyhose

Fishnets for Dancers

Are you a dancer? Singer? Actress? If you are a performer, you already know the importance of a good pair of pantyhose. Whether you’re a cheerleader or a Broadway diva, you need reliable hosiery to take your legs to the next level.

Hot Legs USA has hosiery perfect for performing! There are footless pantyhose, colored tights, fishnets, and specially designed dance and pageant hosiery. Order yours online today!

Shop Hot Legs USA for professional hosiery for your work!
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