Hot Legs USA Thigh Highs with Stay Up Lace Tops

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

by Jane HotLegsUSA

If you want alluring, enchanting, flashy style, look no further. Leg Avenue Cuban Heel Stockings with Lace Up Top are one example of the great lingerie and hosiery products Hot Legs USA brings you, every time!

Sheer Backseam Cuban Heel Stockings from Leg AvenueWe love these luxurious Leg Avenue Cuban Heel Back Seam thigh high pantyhose, so we're giving you the inside scoop! Gorgeous Cuban Heel Back Seam thigh high stockings are a high quality Leg Avenue product. Made using 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex, Cuban Heel Back Seam thigh high pantyhose are soft and sheer. Leg Avenue Cuban Heel Back Seam thigh high pantyhose look fabulous when paired with Leg Avenue's Lycra Mini Dress lingerie, featuring matching satin bows and a hot black/pink color scheme!

Featuring a pink Cuban Heel and pink Back Seam going all the way up your leg, these thigh highs are hot! Inches of glorious pink lace make Cuban Heel Back Seam thigh highs the ultimate in sexy, luxurious, comfortable hosiery! The pink elastic Stay Up Strip means you don't need a garter belt to have stay-up protection. Deluxe pink lace tops Cuban Heel Back Seam thigh high stockings. The lace is wonderfully detailed, including swirls of color, texture and changes in opacity and sheerness. Satin lace-up bows add the perfect touch to these tantalizing thigh high pantyhose!

Wedding Thigh Highs for BrideThe fun's not over yet...Sheer Thigh Highs with Silicone Lace Top are available in Black, Nude, Red and White. These fantastic thigh high pantyhose are available in both One Size Fits Most and Plus Sized. Sheer Thigh High stockings are exactly the lacey, sheer luxury you want enhancing your everyday life! Sheer Thigh Highs with Silicone Lace Top are made using 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, giving them a soft, comfortable feel.

Sheer Silicone Lace Top thigh high pantyhose are comfortable, and have a great element of mystery about them: no one will know you're wearing these posh thigh high pantyhose unless you tell them! Seal the deal and feel luxurious with the satisfaction of wearing lace-adorned hosiery.

Ladies, try something new, expand horizons, or simply pick up one more great pair of thigh high pantyhose  from Hot Legs USA. Remember, thigh highs aren't inherently risqué... they're as naughty as you make them.

Call or order online for your pair of Leg Avenue thigh high pantyhose or our wide variety of HOT LEGS USA Hosiery today!
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