Cat Burglar Costume Guide

Thursday, October 8, 2015

How To Dress like a Cat Burglar

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1.    Leopard Tights –

Skip boring black and pick up a pair of these leopard print tights so everyone will know what you are immediately.leopard print tights

2.    Catsuit –

Pair your leopard tights with a short black bodysuit that will show off your legs but still keep you covered for those chilly Halloween events.

3.    Boots with the Fur –

Perfect your outfit with a pair of furry booties to really add to your outfit.

4.    Details –

No cat burglar ensemble is complete without kitty ears and a cat tail. The mask is also essential to conceal your mischievous identity.

5.    Makeup –

Cute cat face makeup makes the costume. Pair this with your burglar mask and you are ready for a heist, caper or pilferage you may find yourself engaged in.

This Halloween, up your costume game with a fun twist. Men and women alike would look adorable in a kitty-cat costume. Add a robber’s mask and a money bag and you’ve become a cat burglar!

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