Leg Avenue Purple Opaque Nylon Tights

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Leg Avenue Purple Opaque Nylon Tights
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Leg Avenue One Size Fits MostMany people see purple tights and think “I could never pull that off!”, but the truth is you CAN! Purple tights, when worn right look AMAZING!

Purple tights look best with deep jewel tones like navy, red or gold. Just remember, purple tights make a bold statement so keep the rest of your outfit minimalistic. Think: Black turtleneck, rust yellow mini skirt, black pumps and a silver or gold statement necklace. Purple tights also work well with floral print dresses that are predominately purple.

Purple tights make an amazing fashion statement, but don’t settle for any just any pair. Get our opaque purple tights by Leg Avenue. These 100% nylon tights are super soft, incredibly durable and rip-resistant. Plus, the opaque thickness makes them perfect for the cooler weather seasons (when purple tights look best).

Hot Legs USA offers discounts on bulk orders on all products on our site, just email us at hosiery@hotlegsusa.com and tell us how we can help!

Buy these opaque purple tights (nylon) now or shop our other colored opaque tights for sale!
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